We are proud to be part of Telos ecosystem!

Our mission is to help Telos become one of the leading blockchain networks that will foster adoption of blockchain solutions to the benefit of mankind. We believe that Telos blockchain technology is mature, performant, efficent and flexible. That's why we have decided to be integral part of Telos ecosystem. We are working 24-7 to support Telos as Block Producer candidate.

We're not a Jack of all trades jumping from one network to another just to reap the rewards. We firmly believe that Telos is the right way to deploy EOSIO technology and for that reason we're a block producer candidate only on the Telos network and we plan to keep it that way!

Block Producer

Independent block producer fully owned and operated by Katalyo

Details about Katalyo ownership can be found here


Katalyo fully supports and follows all Telos governance rules and guidelines

Katalyo will never offer and exchange the rewards for votes!

Unique technology

We bring our unique no-code tech and experience to the Telos community


All our Telos nodes are hosted on bare-metal server in secure data centre. We have 2 producer nodes based in EU jurisdiction (Finland & Germany) for high availability. Multiple seed(full) and API nodes are running in the backend behind load balancer and a firewall. Our main Block Producing nodes are based on AMD technology (Ryzen 7 3xxxx CPU, 128GB ECC RAM).

For more information, check out our bp.json

Vote for Katalyo !

In case you wonder we go by katalyotelos on the Telos mainnet!

By voting for Katalyo you're voting for transparency, knowledge sharing and growth of Telos!